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Welcome to Pest Animal Oxnard! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Oxnard, CA. If you're going to hire a wildlife control and removal company or operative, you might as well go for one that has received the #1 rating in the Metro area for three years in a row. (That's us, by the way.) Why have we been rated as the #1 company for 3 years in a row? We think it's probably got a little something to do with our attention to customer care, which we are constantly being told is highly appreciated by worried property owners. That's not the only thing that has driven us forward in this industry, however; we are also known for being incredibly meticulous when it comes to preventative measures and repairs, and that is exactly what stops future wild animal problems. Call us now at 805-624-5646 for your Oxnard wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Oxnard and Our Services:

Same-day or next-day appointments.

Thorough inspection of your property and attic.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

We offer attic cleanup and sanitation services.

Fully California licensed and insured.

Experts in California bat removal from buildings.

Oxnard raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Oxnard snake removal and prevention.

Oxnard bird control services.

Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Kern County, and Los Angeles County. We also service towns such as Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Okai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Bell Canyon, Casa Conejo, Channel Islands Beach, El Rio, Lake Sherwood, Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, Oak Park, Oak View, Pira, Santa Rosa Valley, Santa Susana, Saticoy, Bardsdale, Buckhorn, Casitas Springs, Dulah, Faria, La Conchita, Mussel Shoals, Newbury Park, Ortonville, Point Mugu, Sea Cliff, Solromar, Somis, Upper Ojai, and Wheeler Springs.

Oxnard Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Get Rid of Skunks

How to get rid of Oxnard skunks? This is the question many seek an answer to. There are several reasons why discovering a right way to keep skunks away from their homes is an issue for some people. On the one hand, skunks can be very aggressive and cause damage to a household. If a skunk wonders inside someone's front yard, it is going to be scared and might attack pets, as well as spray humans. This situation is stressful both for the animal and the homeowner. If the household keeps farm animals, particularly poultry, there is also a risk of skunks attacking and killing farm animals. On the other hand, finding a right way to keep the skunks out is an important issue for homeowners because the majority of people don't want to hurt skunks. Essentially, California skunks are neither particularly aggressive nor dangerous animals. It is justified for people to want to find a way to prevent skunk invasions without hurting the animal. But, what are those ways?

Home repairs are, by far, the best way to protect your home against skunk infestations. The best way to keep skunks out is to regularly repair your home, including fences, walls, roof, doors, and windows. To know how to secure your home against skunks, you should know a few facts about skunks and their behavior. First things first, skunks have sharpened hearing and smell, which allow them to sense food at great distances. This means that, if you leave in the skunk-inhabited area, you need to make sure that your home doesn't appear to them as a great source of food. Keeping your yard clean from piles of garbage will definitely help. Empty your trash cans and remove any garbage from your yard as often as possible, so that the smell of food remains wouldn't attract skunks. However, the first line of defense, when it comes to skunk prevention, is fencing. Keeping your fences deeply dug in, sturdy and sealed is the best way to protect your home against skunks. Last, but not the least, sealing your home from any holes and gaps, as well as repairing any rotten spots in your doors, windows, and roof, will definitely keep an Oxnard skunk outside your California home.

Exclusion of skunks is the process of removing Oxnard skunks living inside a building without harming the animal. This is a process you can resort to if you already have a problem with a skunk living in your home. To begin, you must seal any exit and entry spots for the skunks but one spot, which you will use to exclude the animal. Since we know that skunks are nocturnal, they will use the remaining exit hole to go outside and search for food. Spread a thin layer sand, flower or dust across the path leading to the existing exit, to be able to spot the skunk's footprints and know that the animal has gone out for sure. At night, once you determine that the skunk has left the building, seal the last remaining hole, this process will prevent the skunk from coming back. However, before you exclude the skunk, make sure to inspect the space thoroughly for any remaining babies. If a mother California skunk is not able to reach her babies, they will starve to death in your basement or attic, which is definitely not something you want.