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How to Keep Away IguanasE

Many people who live in cold places, they do not have to deal with the Oxnard iguana problems too much but the people who live in the place where iguanas are too many, they may be trying to learn how to get rid of the iguanas. They are pesky reptiles and they can damage the vegetables and the plants when they are not kept in check. If you are concerned, you should learn how you can keep the California iguana away of your home.

The iguanas are the Oxnard lizards that eat the plants and they can eat many things including the hibiscus and flowering shrubs or they can get vegetables and berry fruits such as figs, strawberries and tomatoes. They like also to have the burrows where they can live inside and this will damage the walkways and the lawns in your garden. The California iguanas can leave behind the feces that can be smelly or unsightly but they also carry the hearth hazards like the salmonella.

When it comes to talk about wild California animals, we all feel scared of having them at our doorstep even. There is no question of getting them entered in homes. Nobody likes to keep the dangerous animals in homes as pets. To get rid of the animals, we can adopt many ways. The way we adopt depends on the animal we found in our home unluckily. The first step in eliminating the iguanas is to keep them away of the garden in the first instance. It is important to ensure that you had changed the environment so that the iguanas will not find your area friendly. You should not leave the food scraps like vegetables or fresh fruits out. You have to get rid of the areas where the Oxnard iguanas may hide like low growth and brush plants. You can cover or you can get rid of the warm areas.

If the California iguanas are already in the garden or in your property, you should encourage the predators to come in your place. You can have crows, hawks or owls that can eat the baby iguanas and this will make the iguanas to go out of your garden. The pet dogs can also chase the iguanas when it barks on them. However, large iguanas may end up harming the pets so you should be careful when the dogs have to chase the iguanas. The row fences on the gardens may be enough for keeping the iguanas out. You may also try to snare or to trap the Oxnard iguanas so that you can take them somewhere else.

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