Will a Strobe Light or High Pitch Sound Machine Work on Rats?

So, we now know that most home remedies aren't going to be effective, that liquid rat repellents from the store area corporate hoax, and that, despite your oh-so-wise Grandmother Betty's beliefs, mothballs don't work to get rid of California rats, either. So if none of these old-school methods work, what about the high-tech strobe-light or high-pitch frequency deterrents?

How do they work?
• These repellents are advertised as another fear-based technique.
• The ultrasonic sounds and/or flashing lights are meant to drive an array of Oxnard rodents away.
• Their effectiveness is…less than superb.
• According to the companies that make them, however, the high-frequency noises and strobe lights scare mice, rats, moles, squirrels, and even gophers away.
• I don't doubt that most of those reading this are doubtful about these methods, which you should be.

Effectiveness of these New-Fangled High-Pitched Speakers
Rodents are notoriously skittish, fleeing at the slightest noise or flash of light. With this knowledge in mind, the concept of using small speakers blaring inaudible high-pitched frequencies should work perfectly, right? Well, wrong.
• These tactics typically come up short of their manufacturer's claims, mostly for the same reason that liquid repellents are ineffective.
• Humans are nothing new to California rodents' environments. The little buggers have had plenty of time to get accustomed to our loud behavior.
o In other words, there aren't scared of us anymore! That is, unless you are launching an assault on them. Turns out doing so is really the only way to get rid of the invasive critters.

What about Strobe Lights? Those would even Repel Me!
While they may be nauseating, “evictor” strobe lights are not any more effective at taking care of your Oxnard rodent problem than high-frequency noises.
• Once again, California rats are used to human behavior and living in our environments.
o They may get startled when they cross paths with you, just as you let out a shrill little squeak when you see a rat.
o That doesn't mean they get freaked out and take off at the first evidence of human inhabitants. You don't run for the hills when you find mouse droppings, do you?

So, once again we've found a bunch of expertly-marketed rodent-ridding products that just don't get the job done. Just keep in mind that no matter how high-tech or innovative the fancy rave-light or the annoying dog-whistle noise products may claim to be, they're not going to work.

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