Should I Feed a Baby Skunk I Found?

There are times when you shall find a tiny baby Oxnard skunk roaming around in the neighborhood. Some people love them since they have an appealing color and want to take care of them. You need to know that.
• The young skunk is not a domestic animal
• You need to wait to see if the mother is around
• The baby California skunk can spray the fluid, and turn violent

You may have good intentions of keeping the pet but this does not mean you shall end up with the best results. You should know that California skunks are wild Oxnard animals and you should not feed them the local food you take.

Different digestive track
According to Oxnard wildlife rehabilitators, they have rescued baby skunks, which have food stuck in their throats and some die due to the wrong food choice. You need to ensure you do not feed the baby skunk anything when you rescue them and away for the rehabilitation team to arrive. The skunks have a different digestive system, which means different kinds of foods. Feeding them formula is not the best way of going about it, since it causes more harm than good to them.

Not domesticated animals
You need to know that the California skunks are not domesticated animals. This means that they shall not rely on the local foods that are found in supermarkets, or in hotels. You shall find many people want to feed these babies with milk, just as they do other pets. It is illegal to own a skunk as a pet, and this you should comply. Connect with the Oxnard wildlife rehabilitation program, since they are qualified enough to handle such cases.

Report immediately to wildlife rehabilitation
Once you find a baby Oxnard skunk roaming around and looking for food in the dustbins, you should call the wildlife control. Some cases of feeding the baby skunk leads to blocking of the digestive system due to chemicals or issuing them the wrong food. You can easily give them instant assistance by connecting with the authorities, who shall rescue them and take them back to their natural vegetation. At times, the baby skunks can turn violent and scratch, and spray in your home, leading to a health hazard. Some of these California skunks have rabies, which can infect your pets and other family members. The safest thing to do is to capture the, with a cardboard, or laundry basket, and contact the authorities for further assistance.

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