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Keeping Opossums Away from Trash

Zoologically, an Oxnard opossum is a marsupial. Marsupials are mammals whose development at birth is incomplete, and they are typically carried and fed by their mothers in a pouch on the belly. Possums will feed on anything; yes, anything. They're omnivores. This means they don't mind feeding on your trash, as well. Just like skunks, possums also tend to spread your trash all over the floor by tipping over the trash can. Generally, possums do not cause harm. In fact, when possums are confronted by humans, they generally just play dead. This is often referred to as ‘playing possum'. Nevertheless, you wouldn't want these pesky animals to be messing around with your trash. There are certain things you could try to keep the California possums away, or at least minimize the mess they cause with their unexpected visits.

Buy a heavy metal trash can
The reason why you should purchase a heavy metal trash can is that these types of cans are sturdy and heavy. This reduces their chances to be torn apart by California opossums while they look through them to find something and feed themselves. Their weight also prevents them from being knocked or pushed over, which saves you the trouble from taking care of the knocked over trash.

Use ammonia as a repellent
Yes, it is true. Ammonia is a great repellent that can be used to keep possums away from the trash cans. It is the smell of ammonia that keeps the possums at bay. You can put ammonia in a cup and then place it somewhere near the trash. Then, relax, and let it do its job.

Double bag the trash
Make sure you double bag your trash. This will help a lot in limiting the smell of old food that Oxnard possums' pick up and then rush towards the trash.

Tie the lid
Tying the lid of the trash will prevent any Oxnard possum from getting into the trash can, or any trash to get knocked out by the possum. A good item to tie the lid would be with a bungee cord, and then placing a cinder block on top of the trash can's lid.

Eliminate other food sources
Your trash isn't the only thing that can attract Oxnard possums to your property. Make sure you clear out any other food sources in the vicinity. Pick up any fruit that has fallen from the trees. Bring the bird feeders back in when it is night, and never leave the pet food out in the open.

Set up traps
If you're still having problems with California possums, then use traps. Use Havahart possum trap, that works automatically, and then release the animal in the woods, far away from your home.

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